What a lovely day! We had fair winds and warm sunshine all the way round here to Dover.
We left Eastbourne with the 11.30 lock out and were lead out through the silted up channel by a very friendly local in an Oyster 56′. We knew that if he made it, then we certainly could!

The wind for once was from the right direction, and we could have made steady progress, but decided to give the sails a helping hand with a few revs from the engine …… couldn’t risk not making Dover in daylight!

Approaching Dover

Approaching Dover

Just outside Dover harbour we had an unscheduled test of the rope cutter attached to the prop shaft. We ran over a fishing bouy that was lurking just under the surface waiting to snare us. After a heart stopping THUNK! Marcus revved up the engine and bits of rope, polystyrene, and a chewed up float spewed out behind us. We chugged on into the harbour and managed to cut through the remaining line by putting the engine into reverse.

Panic over, safely moored and another bit of kit tested!

A lazy start to the day tomorrow before we pootle round to Ramsgate.

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