Fog and strong wind warnings kept us here in Dover so we made use of the 2 for 1 voucher we picked up at the Boat Show. Just shows it pays not to throw things away!

Tucked up safae and sound in Granville Dock.

Tucked up safe and sound in Granville Dock.

We spent the morning visiting the chandlery, wandering the town centre and visiting the very welcoming Yacht Club. The rest of the day was spent getting the dinghy inflated and two outboards fired up and stowed on the pushpit.
Marcus had to use one of his new toys The Angle Grinder to cut through the ‘waterproof, all weather’ padlock locking the big outboard onto the dinghy. Certainly a tool worth it’s storage space!

Derrick and The Beast.

Derrick and The Beast.

After releasing The Beast from its shackles, we used Harvey’s derrick to hoist it up and over the rails onto the new outboard bracket. Fantastic job Harvey ……. it does flex a bit with the load, but we used a halyard to take some of the strain. I can see it being a godsend when we need to load water, fuel or the odd stem of bananas from the dinghy in the Caribbean!

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