Thanks to Dan and Steve nudging me, I have now managed to work out how to add photos to the blog and have been through and added some to earlier blog entries, so scroll down and take a look.

Our mooring.

The Harbour entrance and our mooring.

Because we are a biggish boat, we are moored just about as far from the amenities as possible. Yesterday was really windy and being close to the harbour entrance, although relatively sheltered, we certainly felt the effects ……. I felt like I was ‘running the gauntlet’ making my way along the pontoon to the laundry.
We have been quite busy today …… Marcus mended and refitted both outboard engine brackets, which took 3 hours out in the bitter northerly wind,……………………..

Newly mended and fitted brackets proudly sporting their outboards.

Newly mended and fitted brackets proudly sporting/supporting their outboards.

…………………whilst I was in the warm getting my hair cut!!……. I also slaved over a hot sewing machine down below, making some securing ties for the bimini so we can sail with it stored up and away from the jib furling winch………. a fair division of labour I’d say!

The Arches. The flags show the wind strength!

The Arches. The flags show the wind strength!

Ramsgate really is a good old style town with ‘proper’ shops …… butchers, greengrocers and a fantastic old style haberdashery, the like of which I haven’t seen since my childhood! The Marlec chandlery too is a ‘proper’ chandlery, squeezed into one of the arches overlooking the harbour. It is a true Alladin’s cave which has everything any boat could ever need, if you take the time to rummage and aren’t distracted by all the shiney things. How is it you always come out with so many vital things you didn’t know you needed when you walked in?
We are now debating whether to leave Saturday or Sunday ………. motoring into north easterlies all day tomorrow or motoring in calm winds all day Sunday ………….whichever it’s going to be a sixteen hour day  with little or no help from the sails.

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