Yesterday, Saturday, we took a stroll along the harbour wall for brunch at the Royal Harbour Brasserie that sits overlooking the entrance …….. what a fantastic place … quite quirky with great food, great ambience and friendly staff. Definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in town.

R oyal Harbour Brasserie ... they weren't open for breakfast when we passed!

Royal Harbour Brasserie … they weren’t open for breakfast when we passed!

Passage planning in the afternoon ……. The ”Boatie” app that you showed us Ian, makes tidal flow predictions a breeze! All we have to do is miss the ‘Dancing Dollies’, any stray lobster pots and negotiate the shallows in the estuary…….. No problem!?

Sunday Morning:
What a beautiful morning! We left Ramsgate at 0700hrs and are making our way to Harwich. If we make good time we may continue to Lowestoft.

Leaivng the harbour

Leaivng the harbour

I hadn’t realised just how many turbines there are out in the estuary ……… it took us hours to pass the Thanet and Thames Arrays. They do have a certain beauty and yet a hint of the War of the Worlds about them ……. an amazing feat of modern human enterprise and endeavour.

Dancing Dollies

Dancing Dollies

Formation dancing

Formation dancing!

Sunday Evening:
We made it to the turn for Harwich at midday, so decided to push on to Lowestoft. The weather was fantastic …… sunny and warm (apart from the first and last couple of hours), shame we had to have the motor on all the time as the wind was on the nose or too light to fully fill the sails.

Other than a couple of fishing boats that came near, we had the sea to ourselves….

Our only close encounter!

Our only close encounter!

…….. no other people are daft enough to be out at this time of year, but we did see our first seals and dolphins on our way up the coast …… too far away to snap, but still a noteworthy first!

We arrived at the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club at 1900hrs swaying a bit after 12 hours at sea. We’re planning to stay here until we get a better weather window for the 20+ hour passage up to Grimsby.

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  1. All the very best to the both of you. We will take a lot of interest in following you. I note that the water authorities have spared no expense to clear the lobster pots for your voyage across the estuary. Take care.

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