We had a great day’s sailing …… 20 hours from Wells to Whitby with only about 5 hours with the motor running.

The sea was slight and the winds variable, but for a time we had force 5s on the beam and were shooting along at 9.5 knots with only a knot of tide under us!

We spent the day listening to CDs we haven’t heard for years, reading, snoozing and enjoying the sunny spells.
Just off the Humber we had a visitor …….a little bird that either came for a rest, or was just inquisitive and wanted to check us out.   We were amused by him for over half an hour before he flew off in the direction of one of the tankers anchored in the Humber ‘holding area’ …… hopefully he made it!

Our Little Visitor

Our Little Visitor

Do you know what make of bird this is, Martin?

We had our first real night sail ……..the bow nav. light is working perfectly thanks Steve!
All of the gizmos are doing their jobs too…..
the AIS clearly picks up other vessels and gives us a clear overall picture of large ships in the vacinity,
the radar shows us any little boats and yachts,
the iPad displays our position speed and distance to target,
the Raymarine and Auto Pilot take charge of our course to steer,
the Captain presses the buttons and the First Mate does as she’s told!
……… so all in all we feel confident about finding our way safely in the thickest of fogs, should we ever find ourselves caught out.

We had to motor round Flamborough Head as the wind backed through 90 degrees and dropped away completely. The sea was like glass as we came across Scarborough Bay and the lights of passing shipping stretched down across the water towards us.

Entering Whitby harbour is not for the faint hearted!!!……………. The entrance is barely 100ft wide and jinks to port as you enter. The tide sets across the entrance, W to E, at a good 2 knots and the eddies, created by the outer breakwater wall, buffet and nudge the boat frighteningly close to the stone piers. We now know why we saw boats entering and leaving at such speeds when we were camping here last year!

Once in the harbour we were let through the swing bridge at 0230 into the upper harbour. By 0300 we were moored up in the Marina and tucked up in bed.

View from the front of the boat

View from the front of the boat

The Abbey on the hill

The Abbey on the hill

The Swing Bridge from the back of the boat


  1. Vikki and Pingo

    Wow, just read your blog…..how exciting……and your in Whitby….I have so many memories of that quaint place from my childhood….have been up to the Abbey yet and looked for Dracula’s tombstone?
    We are doing well, and Pingo super…had 3rd chemo already and has a scan next week…all looking good….I will keep reading so do keep writing….and lots of photos please ! xx

  2. Hi both. Loving the blog and very impressed with plenty of details and pictures, Maggie. Noticed rather a lot of ‘engine running time’ in here so we’re wondering if you are real yachties or motor-boaters, (like us)!! The entry into Whitby sounded exciting, very much like that of the Demeter…. I’m sure you will work that out.

    Yvonne is all qualified now having spent 5 days at sea in forces 7 to 10! Got your email too so will write back more on that. IPad AIS app is very good and we can track your progress on that. Fair sailing and fine winds.

  3. hi both of you – love your blog! it sounds like you’ve had some very eventful days as well as some relaxing times. Well done getting into Whitby and very pleased to hear you have so many gizmos to help you. What brilliant photos too.
    Jeff, Lisa and I lost our first triples game, against Gaby, Di and Mark and no I won’t give the score but we weren’t fannied – just – phew!
    Have fun and continue to keep us all posted. (BTW what theme is this on wordpress – I love it, it’s very clear and uncluttered.)

  4. linda and tim frost

    Hi Margie and Marcus – sounds like everything is going to plan and the weather is behaving! Will follow your progress – photos are a brilliant record of your journey. How about a few of the two of you – you will start to look tanned and wind blown very soon I am sure. Happy sailing. x

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