We have had several requests for pictures of us ……… one or two of you seem to think we are doing a ‘Donald Crowhurst’ and posting a fictious account of our voyage! ……. so to begin with here are two of us being tourists in Whitby.

Captain Cook’s statue with Captain Hayward


The Whale Bone Gate with First Mate

The Whale Bone Gate with First Mate

We left Whitby at 0800 with some trepidation as force 5 to 7 winds were forecast, but the weather is set to deteriorate Monday and Tuesday, so this was our weather window. The harbour entrance was a cynch after the hairy pass into Whitby, but the lobster pots, that are laid to all around the Fairway bouy, have to be carefully negotiated.

out through the Swing Bridge

Out through the Swing Bridge

Out of the harbour ..... the flag shows at least a 5!

Out of the harbour ….. the flag shows at least a 5!

As we headed out the wind freshened and the boat handled beautifully with ‘2 reefs’ in the main and just the stay sail we were shooting along at over 8 knots for most of the way.

We were sailing in the top end of force 7 most of the day with lengthy gusts of force 8 ……. green water over the decks and spray flying into the cockpit and making its way through the zips on the spray hood. Great fun!

The wind was freshening

The wind was freshening

We spotted two boats travelling very slowly past an oil rig and then as we got closer we realised they were towing the rig into the Tyne!

Towing the rig into the Tyne.

Towing the rig into the Tyne.

You can see the strength of the wind from the white caps and spindrift.

At about the mid day we had our second visitor onboard ….. a racing pigeon! Neither of us saw him arrive, but Marcus just turned around and there he was.

There he is!

There he is!

He tucked himself up under the sprayhood on my iPad …………. my theory is that he just wanted to check his course on the Navionics App!

Just checking his way points!

Just checking his way points!

Dastardly and Muttley saved the pigeon!

He was exhausted and hungry, so we let him rest with us until we arrived in Blyth. We fed him bread crumbs and rice and gave him some water and in return he pooped on my iPad! I think we saved his life …..battling against the gale, if we hadn’t been out there going in his way, he would have drownded!!

The sailing was great and we were greeted by a member of the Royal Northumberland YC who took our lines. After tidying ourselves and the boat, we headed for the Yacht Club, which is in an old Light Ship.     It was built in 1890 and served as the light vessel at Calshot Spit until the club bought her for £600 in 1952 ……… it feels like we’ve gone full circle.

The club members were very friendly and suggested various stop off points between here and Edinburgh …… we think anchoring in The Kettle in the Farn Islands looks favourite at the moment, so long as the winds aren’t from the west.

To finish as I started …….. a couple of photo of us!

At the helm

Muttley at the helm!

At the helm too!

Dastardly at the helm too!


  1. Love the brilliant photos and so glad you gave the pigeon a helping hand, he looks pooped.

  2. Well I won’t take it personally that you bypassed my home town – even M2 couldn’t keep up with the drinking in Newcastle!
    The Farn Islands are beautiful if you get the chance to anchor there and the sea is ok go for it – the puffins should be out and about now – i am well jeal
    Keep enjoying – we miss you Hels xxx

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