Yesterday we spent the day with a friend from Edenbridge and her partner, who live in Bolden Colliery. Gillian drove over and picked us up and we spent an enjoyable evening with her and David. Marcus was put to work in the kitchen and produced a mediterranean inspired ‘Sea Bass Symphony’ …….. very tasty!

Blyth harbour houses ship docks and wharfs, a fish dock and the marina. There is an air of the place having seen better times and the promise of better to come ……… below is the old Light Ship which is the RNYC club house with the docks in the background………trying to get back in through the dock gates last night required all of Marcus’ charm and persuasive powers.

Just to the left of here is a complete contrast ……. a beautiful sandy beach with sand dunes

Not a soul in sight!

Not a soul in sight!

We had intended staying until Wednesday in Blyth, but the weather took a turn for the better,so we decided to leave for Eyemouth…….I know it wasn’t on the original plan, but that’s the great thing about living aboard …. we can make it up as we go along!

Blyth Harbour entrance

Blyth Harbour entrance

We left at 1230 and sailed the 55 miles in force 6/7s ……. yet again the shipping forecast was giving 4s and 5s! We arrived at 2145 and tied up to the concrete wall of the fish dock. We took a breast line to the steps and then climbed up to make the bow and stern lines off. The tide was half way down so we were about 4 metres down from the quayside ………. last time we did this in Bridport, we got it very wrong and ended up ‘hanging’ off the wall! ……….. it has been said that, ‘mistakes are learning opportunities’, so we think we’ve got it right this time!

We thought Whitby harbour entrance was narrow until we came into Eyemouth! In a way I’m glad it was dark …… what we could see of the rocks – just off the entrance and the ones the seals were using to slide off just off our port bow as we came in – was quite enough!!

The entrance by day ..... Life Boat at the ready!

The entrance by day ….. Life Boat at the ready!

 ....... with the rocks to the sides and in the background!

……. with the rocks to the sides and in the background!


  1. Thoroughly enjoying your blog. Keep it up Haywards!!

  2. Hi you two, hope the sun is shining for you?
    Wow what an entrance..!! Bet that was fun.!!

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