After a good night’s sleep we were ready to do battle again……. Port Edgar Marina is built around the original port’s pier and like Granton it has silted up over the years. The marina facilities are basic and are housed in the old wharf buildings amongst the remaining yacht and motorboat services and chandleries. When we arrived we were put on the Fuel Berth for the night and today had to move the boat along to the Crane Berth ….. it seems we’re a bit too big for them!

Safely on the Crane Berth far from the facilities as possible!

Safely on the Crane Berth ………as far from the facilities as possible!

There is a thriving sailing school based here with rowing, canoeing and sailing…….. so plenty of capsizing action to watch from the warmth and comfort of our deck saloon.

This man had made his own sailing rig for his Sea Kayak using an old bunk bed ladder for the frame, two sawn off paddles for leeboards and some rip stop nylon for the sail. It’s a great design as it can sail into the wind, not just run ……. he has taken it out as far as Bass Rock ….. ingenious! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First outing this year

First outing this year

Chris, Charlie and Freya arrived in the afternoon for an hour and were met by Cap’n Depp!

Cap'n Depp!

Cap’n Depp!

We got them fitted for their lifejackets and harnesses ready for a sail tomorrow, weather permitting.

The proud wearer of Auntie Jenni's life jacket!

The proud wearer of Auntie Jenni’s life jacket!

Charlie ..... I just want to jump in and test it.
Charlie …..’ I just want to jump in and test it.’


We spent a restful evening ashore with the family ……. tomorrow we are all aboard for a tirp around the bay and to stay the night afloat!

Skooty Alan’s blog address is It’s interesting to see our journey from a different perspective and we feature off Bass Rock!


  1. Guy & Yvonne

    Hi both. The blog is excellent and the gallery of pictures is building very nicely iindeed. We can’t believe how far you have got up the coast in such a short space of time. I bet the family are loving having you there…. And on a boat is something else. Hope you have a smashing day out tomorrow together for a trip round the bay. Best wishes from sunny Oxted…. Yes it is finally sunny here too!!!!

  2. Really love the accounts of your exploits and am very impressed with the fact you can enter such narrow entrances to the ports – shouldn’t they make them wider??
    Must have been lovely to see your family too.
    Wishing you more fun and wider harbour entrances!

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