Monday ……… no photos today…….far to wet to get thecamera out!

No movement aboard until gone 1000!!

We waited for a gap in the rain and walked along the towpath to Lochgilphead to do a bit of shopping and restock before leaving the canal tomorrow.

Shoping completed, we got caught in the rain and sought shelter in a little bar, no bigger than a front room. It that had a coal fire burning and a mixed bag of locals and visitors. We talked with a couple from near Glasgow who were up for the week in their caravan……and an 75 year old man who was quietly sitting in the window, drinking his pint and chaser……..Who would have thought that he had built four steel boats in his time, including the 28 foot boat that he owns at the moment……….he sailed it up here from South Africa without an engine! He had been everywhere and had worked in all the exotic places we are hoping to visit. It’s amazing how the least likely looking people have the most interesting stories to tell.

Forget Jimmy Cornell ……… HE is now Marcus’ latest hero ……….. HE knew Bernard Moitessier in Tahiti and shared a joint or two with him. Unfortunately HE had to leave, but Marcus’ hand has now shaken the hand of the man who has shaken hands with Bernard Moitessier!!!……he may never wash again!


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