We set off at 0850 out past the light house on Holy Isle………..

The light house with an 'eco' holiday home set into the hillside behind

The light house with an ‘eco’ holiday home set into the hillside behind

…………… the wind was ‘on the nose’ and, no matter how many course changes we made to get around to Campbeltown, the wind shifted to remain in front of us all the way.

Campbeltown is another bay protected by an island,

Entering Campbeltown bay

Entering Campbeltown bay

but the wind was funneling through the valley and made it a very difficult pick up on the mooring buoy……….we had to leave the ‘moor fast’ stick stuck fast on the buoy until the local Sailing Club berthing master came to our aid in his rib!

Our mooring, Campbeltown

Our mooring, Campbeltown

Once safely moored we ventured into town to find the chandlery………again we found a friendly and helpful chandler who fixed 2 shackles to the end of a length of chain, so we can cast a mooring line over mooring buoys when there’s no easy pick up with the ‘stick’……….he also managed to provide us with more ‘essentials’ that we hadn’t realised we needed!

Back to the boat to watch the spectacular flying display put on by the resident gannets

'Lovely plumage'

‘Lovely plumage’

……… they really are masters of the air, gliding into position, then folding their wings to dive into the water with a thudding splash………they must have reinforced skulls!

We’ve decided to stay here for another night to recharge our batteries before heading over to Northern Ireland.

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  1. Whoops! You were right about the buoy weren’t you! We’ve just got home and want to thank you for an excellent two weeks.. it was very special. Thanks for sharing them with us! Good luck with the crossing to Ireland. XX

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