We pulled up the anchor and set off at 1145, bound for Wicklow. The sailing was so good that we decided to push on to Arklow! It’s great to be able to change plans and alter course on a whim.

Arklow has a marina, but access is restricted for larger boats, so we arranged with the HM to go alongside one of the Wind Farm catermerans in the fishing dock. Having secured ourselves, it was quite a climb up onto the cat.

The Yellow Cat we moored against

The Yellow Cat we moored against…..quite a high freeboard!

It was a longish walk up to the bridge and round to the sailing club. On the way round we noticed the Sail Against Cancer Ireland boat that we had last seen in Ardglass. There are 5 people, from Shannon Sailing Club, who are fulfilling the Captain’s dream of sailing around Ireland in his Jenneau 28. Two of the crew have had cancer. The captain, Chris, is in remission and the navigator, Dave, is due to have his last chemo this weekend. He’s travelling to Cork and back in a day and will be back onboard by the evening! We met up with them at the SC, over a couple of Guinesses, and found ourselves being invited back for dinner.

Cosy, but great company

Cosy, but great company

Once again we have met more friends on our way ……… and on our wavelength!

They have a Facebook page:- ‘Sail Against Cancer Ireland’ where you can follow their progress if you’re interested. Just press the ‘Like’ if you visit.

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