What a difference a day makes…..our first cloudy day for ages.

With a weather forecast of high winds and rain, we decided to stay put here in Kilmore Quay and treat ourselves to a visit to one of the biggest chandleries we’ve been to!

It had everything, including the vacuum extractor pump to replace the engine oil, that we’ve been looking for in every chandlery from Fraserburgh………. so we spent the day coaxing the old oil out, preparing the forepeak and crew cabin for our visitors, catching up with the blog, cleaning the fuel filters, replacing the oil in the bowthruster and generally getting on top of all those jobs that get sidelined when the sun shines.

We were planning to move to Dunmore East today, but having phoned him up, the HM says we would have to raft out in a very uncomfortable swell, so if the weather improves enough, we’ll move tomorrow and make our way up towards Waterford. There are couple of interesting looking anchorages en route that we may pop into.



    Hi Haywards.
    How’s it all going?
    I’m in a Taxi on my way to Birmingham, it’s really busy silly season.! Trying to catchup with everything and everybody , how are you? Where are you ? X


    Hey Ho. Haywards..
    I’ll get back to you on Thursday when I eventually get home. Enjoy the weather, looks like you’ve been having the best of it..

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