Spent the day getting the mobile phones unlocked for the various sim cards we will need on our travels. It’s only when you don’t have access to the Internet, that you realise how totally dependent on it we are becoming! I trawled the Charity shops looking for costumes for Saturday.
The Clan is gathering….Mummy arrived on Monday, we arrived Tuesday and Liney and Jackie arrived today. Friday is the big influx of all the cousins and Geoff and Saturday is the 1920s themed tea party to celebrate my Mum’s 94th birthday. Looking forward to it.

Thursday & Friday

Waterford is a great city and one not to be missed if you are ever sailing this way. We often want to get as far as we can and overlook places like Waterford that require a detour!

Moored up and settled.

Moored up and settled.

We have spent the last couple of days going to the theatre, shopping and sampling a few of the towns hostelries which have live music. Preparations for the ‘Gathering’ are in full swing and we are now decided on our costumes for the day. All the cousins and Uncle Geoff have arrived …… The Clan is gathered!

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