Photogenic then and now!

My Mum in 1922 ish

My Mum in 1922 ish

94! Who would believe it!

94! Who would believe it!

The weather was not in our favour and the Garden Tea Party that was planned had to be moved indoors, but Hey Ho – we are in Ireland.
What a glamorous lot we turned out to be in our 1920’s outfits!

                       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


          IMG_4137                                        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Like all Seward (my maiden name!) gatherings there was entertainment…. Songs, poetry readings, music and a balancing act.

Our son has a hidden talent!

Our son, Dan, has a hidden talent!

My Mum read a poem she used to recite as a little girl ….. ‘There are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden’ and Uncle Geoff, who’s 92, recited the whole of ‘There’s a Green Eyed Yellow Idol to the North of Kathmandu’ by heart ……They are both truly amazing!

92 and still performing

92 and still performing

A wonderful day was had by all….. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

………and we all met up for lunch on Sunday….minus Geoff and my sister, Libby!

Having made the Herculean effort to get himself here and having had a traumatic flight over, Geoff was exhausted and succumbed to a chest infection and needed to be looked after in hospital, so the focus for the rest of the week has been on making sure he recovers and visiting as often as possible.

I just hope I have the same indomitable spirit when I get to 90+, without the trials of a body that won’t live up to my expectations of it!

On Thursday we had a girls afternoon out, away from the hospital, and we took my Mum to visit a nearby garden that is trying hard to avoid closure. The financial cut backs are everywhere here in Ireland and one can’t help but feel that if they keep hitting the soft targets, there won’t be a heart left to the country.

My 'arty' shot in the garden

My ‘arty’ shot in the garden

Geoff was eventually well enough to fly home on Sunday 23rd and Marcus gallantly offered to fly back with him and deliver him to a convalescent home near his home in Dorset, so I’m here on my own for a couple of days, relaxing.

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