On Saturday, after spending the morning getting the watermaker working (far less of a job than we had been lead to believe!) we went to The New Inn for dinner and met Caroline and Ben who were here for her birthday weekend. Ben had been a chef (a recurring theme!) and Caroline works in PR, so we had a lot in common. They must have thought we were stalking them, because we met them again on Sunday, when we returned to settle the tab we forgot to pay on Saturday!

On the way back to the boat we stopped off at ‘Mad Fish’, a Moody 38, and spent a great couple of hours learning about the realities of going to the Caribbean and got loads of tips from Russel and Emma. They have just returned from a year away and are hoping to do it all again when Oli and Nathan have finished school.

On Sunday morning, Yoann, from ‘Uekla’ the Mousquetaire, swam over to see us. He was diving off the rocks looking for crabs and lobsters.

Yoann popped up like a seal to pay us a visit

Yoann popped up like a seal to pay us a visit

It turns out that he used to be a chef too! He is planning to build his own boat and has learnt a great deal by renovating his 1970s Mousquetaire Club. (Ours was a Classique with a lower freeboard)

Yoann and Pierre on 'Uekla'

Yoann and Pierre on ‘Uekla’

On Monday morning, just before we left, Yoann and Pierre arrived to say goodbye and give us a bottle of wine to open on the equator.

Wine delivery service!

Wine delivery service!

They then set off to do a spot of fishing around Cromwell’s Castle

Pierre checking the outboard

Pierre checking the outboard

We lifted our anchor at 1500 and set off around the north of the islands bound for Brest. We were planning to head straight down to Portugal, but the winds are too light and in the wrong direction, so we have changed our plans again.
About 3 miles out we had our first sight of a pod of dolphins and two of them came over to play!

In sight of the Scillies .... our first dolphin playing in our bow wave

In sight of the Scillies …. our first dolphin playing in our bow wave

Shortly after we saw a classic boat with full sail up. As we got closer, we realised it was ‘Grayhound’ and called them on the VHF. We have arranged to meet up somewhere in Portugal to give them back their cork screw that we managed to walk off with!
We decided to do 3 hour watches through the night, motoring all the way. Thank goodness for the AIS as it was foggy and even when we knew a boat was there, we couldn’t see it! One very large tanker diverted to avoid us as we were crossing the shipping lane.

After a less than restful night, we decided to divert to the Ile d’Ouessant (Ushant)

Ile d'Ouessant. An island of rocks and lighthouses

Ile d’Ouessant. An island of rocks and lighthouses

……..and picked up a free mooring buoy in Lampaul harbour.(We later found out why they don’t charge)

After lunch of Moules Mariniere and frites, we strolled into the town to buy a courtesy flag. There were no Tricolours, so we got a Breton flag on a stick from a beach type shop which I have cut, sewed and hoisted….. It does the job!

We had intended to have a nap and then go back ashore, but unfortunately the Honda outboard that got us over to the island at lunch time, decided to pack up when we wanted to return to the boat, so Marcus had a little gentle exercise rowing us back to the boat. Another job for Marcus the Mechanic!
We spent a very roly night on the mooring (hence being free) and so decided to leave Lampaul and head for Brest and a Marina to refuel with diesel and have a comfortable night’s sleep. Other yachts followed us out, including ‘Brighton Belle’ who is part owned by Hilary, our Yoga teacher from Brighton!
After negotiating a pretty volatile race off the south west of the island, the seas calmed, the sun shone and we were sailing along at 6 knots.
This IS the life!


  1. Kay and Richard

    It does appear that you two are really living the dream. Well done. We will meet up with you somewhere on your voyage in the meantime keep safe. We are really enjoying the blog.

  2. Kay and Richard

    Hi ya I’m not sure if my comments are being posted. But in short, fantastic, keep safe and we WILL meet up with you….x

  3. hayward.margie@gmail.com

    Hi Kay and Richard, yes your comments are arriving and I ‘approve’ them as and when I can get internet connection. It’s great to get comments and know that you are enjoying reading about our exploits……much as we enjoyed reading your blog from NZ. We will be in the Canaries for October and November so you know where you can join us! Lots of love M&M xx

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