On Tuesday we spent the day preparing for our trip across Biscay. The problem with stocking up with food is that we keep eating it!
We spent the afternoon cleaning the weed off the Hydrovane rudder, stowing everything securely below and I got out the old main sail from our first boat, St John II,  and experimented with using it as  a sun shade …..just I case it becomes unbearably hot in Spain!
At about six, the normal frenzy of boats jockeying for passage through the tidal lock to the inner harbour began and Marcus caught sight of ‘Lady Panache’ from the Hamble with Gerry and Debz on board making their way in. Needless to say we met up with them later on and spent the evening catching up over dinner.We met Gary and Penny, who had built their own boat and are sailing with Lady Panache. We managed to stick to our midnight curfew, despite having to ‘pass’ on a jazz bar on the quay.

Penny, Debz, Gez, M&M.....Gary was taking the photo!

Penny, Debz, Gez, M&M…..Gary was taking the photo!

Wednesday morning and a quick trip ashore to double check the weather and download the latest to ‘Weather Tracker’ an amazing app that you can plot your course overlaying the wind arrows. Depending on the average speed you enter in the course, the wizardry can show where you will be and with what strength and direction of winds at intervals along the course line.
Put simply, it means we can avoid bad weather further down the line! I’ll let you know if it works.
We left Belle Ile on Wednesday at 1115 and arrived here in Cedeira on Friday at 1630.
We managed to sail most of Wednesday and all day Thursday, but by Thursday evening we had to motor sail, as the wind died right down. En route we saw whales ‘blowing’ on the port side and a pod of dolphins passing to starboard, other than that we saw very few ships, no other yachts and only one lone sea bird until we got about 6 miles off shore.

Entering Cideira. A very welcome sight.

Entering Cideira. A very welcome sight.

We decided not to go all the way to La Coruna as it would have meant arriving just as it was getting dark. We are delighted with Cedeira (even though we are not quite sure how to pronounce it!). The mooring is very sheltered from the northerly winds that are due to pick up in the next few days and there is a sand dune backed white sandy beach in front of the town. We are at anchor and looking forward to exploring the area. We went into the town last night and landed in the middle of a local fun run. Great entertainment ‘people watching’ as we sat in the square having managed our first hurdle of ordering drinks. We are frantically trying to pick up some vital phrases ……. if only I’d taken those Spanish classes during the winter!!


  1. Yes, its a beautiful spot – we were there 2 years ago on our ’round Galicia’ trip! People very friendly but wouldn’t worry too much about the Spanish – they don’t seem to speak it ! We had free meals for 2 days from friendly local bars – see if you can beat that!!!! Have fun

    • hayward.margie@gmail.com

      Windy and not so warm today, but still not quite like an English summer! No free meals as yet Deb, but the snacks with drinks are a good bonus!

  2. Wow … whales too!
    Glad you managed to order the drinks. xx

  3. Hi to you both – hope you are well and behaving yourselves (that’s meant for you really Marcus!) Summer here has been fantastic – great weather and lots of tennis and biking. Sue, Tim and I have entered the Hever team triathlon so busy sorting that out. Spain sounds suitably laid back but where is Carlos when you need him? I am sure you will pick up a bit of the lingo and communicate your needs to the locals. Stay safe and enjoy your travels Tim and Linda x

    • hayward.margie@gmail.com

      Hi Tim and Linda-Lovely to hear you have had a good summer …… at last!! Marcus is behaving himself and becoming a veritable whizz at taking things apart and mending them. At the moment it’s the anchor winch …… tomorrow, who knows. Life is good and we are meeting a lot more people who are making their way down to the Canaries, ready for the Atlantic crossing, so new friends that we will bump into again in the future. Good luck with the Hever Triathlon ….. I never fancied swimming with the pike in that lake!! xx

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