Our daily walk from the port to the town

Our daily walk from the port to the town

We seem to have arrived here at the start of their Fiesta.

On Friday there was a fun run with all ages and abilities taking part, and on Saturday there was a fun swim, again with all sorts taking part, swimming along the edge of the sea wall and up into the mouth of the river.

And they're off!

And they’re off!

A couple of swimmers had to be fished out, but most made it in their own time.

The bands and evening entertainment started on Monday.

We spent the day on the beach on Sunday……picnic, cool bag …..the full works! The cove we chose was full of people on Saturday, but we had the beach to ourselves for the whole afternoon…..

The beach Saturday

The beach Saturday…..


.....and Sunday

…..and Sunday

…………once we’d scared off the couple who thought it was theirs for the day!

On Monday we got to grips with the timing of the day. Shops open at 1000 until 1400 then close until 1700 when they open again until 2100. No wonder we found it hard to get a meal….we were looking at the wrong times! We discovered a Pulpa Bar (octopus) which has been set up in the middle of the town.

The Pulparia

The Pulparia

The octopus is boiled in a copper on the street and is some of the fastest food we’ve come across. It’s cut up to order and seasoned with chilli, rock salt and olive oil, served with crusty bread …..

Pulpa ..... Before and After

Pulpa ….. Before and After

………….delicious. We went back there again for lunch today.

In the evening, after spending a frustrating day trying to download insurance forms from the malfunctioning wifi at the Tourist Information office,

Internet access on a bench

Internet access on a bench

….we decided to hang around to see the entertainment in the main Plaza. There were lots of children in fancy dress all playing and enjoying themselves with little input from parents and no bad behaviour! Adults were sitting outside the far-too-many-to-count bars and cafes that line the plaza with no bad behaviour! A local band processed around the town and ended up outside the cafe we were sitting in.

The local band with drums on wheels

The local band with drums on wheels

The entertainment started at 2230 and went on until 0200.
Eat your heart out Adele……no 11pm curfew here!!

We didn’t know what to expect. At the sound check we thought maybe jazz, but as it turned out the first act started with an ABBA number and was a bit like a Butlins Red Coats act, with the performers trying a little too hard. There were 5 singers, who did a lot of frantic salsa-ish dancing which eventually got the crowd moving …….and a band of 10 musicians…..all of them sounded great when they played for their individual sound check, but the act was a bit cheesy and they spent a lot of time swaying rather than playing.

Unlike the toddlers and kids who were still going strong at midnight and awaiting the next acts, we had to admit defeat and made our way back to the boat.
We will get used to the split day……I think the key is to take a siesta in the afternoon to give us the stamina to last the evening!

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