Tuesday was a day of ‘doing the chores’. We took the bike ashore to get the washing, which has built up to two big bags full, to the laundry. The folding bikes are great for shopping and carrying weighty items. Anchoring often means a lengthy walk to the town.  Our miming is getting very good as we managed not only to get the washing dropped off, but also managed to find the phone shop and get a new sim card for the iPad. The final chore…..and it has been a chore…..was to get the boat insurance papers signed, scanned and sent off. Internet connections are varied, so we decided to fax them…..another successful Spanglish pantomime!

Wednesday.!5th August

Our first anniversary with Island Kea. Time has flown and we are still as delighted with her as we were when we got her last year. We are really living the dream and are blessed to have a boat like this to do it in.

Our Pride and joy

Our Pride and joy

Back to reality. ….The washing needed picking up.

“We’ll take the dinghy up the river. We can moor right next to the laundry” said Marcus. When we got near, the dinghy was touching bottom, so ‘someone’ decided that I should get out, paddle ashore, collect the washing (which you may remember was so heavy we needed the bike to get it to the laundry) and meet him by some steps back down stream.

After hefting the bags for half a mile along the esplanade in bare feet, I lumbered down the steps to the waiting dinghy. Poor Marcus, he must have been exhausted with all that sitting waiting for me to arrive!!
In the evening we went to a taverna we had spotted in the back streets of the old town Judging by the prices, we thought the menu must be for tapas, so we ordered three plates…. they turned out to be three main meals!!!  By skirting round the copious amount of chips on each plate, we managed to negotiate our way through to repletion!

Having seen our mistake, the man on the next table offered his help with the menu ….. a little too late, but a good entree for a chat. He told us a lot about the area and thought that Santiago Di Compostela might need more than one day …… we’ll see.

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