Thursday 16.08.13

We left Cedeira at mid day and set off for Coruna. A pretty uneventful motor sail,in beautiful sunshine, to arrive in La Coruna at 1630.

La Coruna

La Coruna

We decided to stay in Marina Coruna and were met on the pontoon by the Marina manager, who spoke flawless english with an irish accent. It turned out that he was Irish, but now spoke with a spanish accent, having been here for 10 years!!

Moored next to us were a couple, Lawrence and Ann on ‘Hecuba’ (a Beneteau 49), making their way down to the Canaries for the ARC. We were invited on board for a drink and as we got talking we found out they come from Sevenoaks! Yet another coincidence! We left with a present. An ‘surplus to requirements’ Muggie cup holder… a great little moulded tray for taking drinks safely up into the cockpit whilst at sea. The instant kindness and generosity of fellow voyagers never ceases to amaze us.

We walked up into the Old Town to find dinner and a supermarket. We found dinner in what looked to be a fairly classy restaurant. The standard fare was on the menu……chips with this, or chips with that!     Marcus can’t quite get his head around the fact that drinks are served in the can for you to pour and ice cream dessert is served in the ‘1 of 4’ tubs that have clearly come from the supermarket!!

After dinner we went into the impressive main square where they had free entertainment of Galician dance and music. There was a group of women in traditional dress who moved like Tiller Girls on castors, while a man with castanets leapt around like a demented bull fighter on speed. The crowd loved it.



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