Having moored out side the town we went ashore in the morning to replenish stocks at the local supermarket, stopping off on our way back to lunch on octopus and calamari rolls. We really fell in love with this little town, with it’s unspoilt simplicity.

Muros by day

Muros by day

Having looked at the weather forecast for the evening, we decided to move across to the other side of the bay to be more sheltered. Winding the chain up is good exercise, but I can’t wait for the anchor windlass to be mended!

We put a tripping buoy out, as there were reports of foul holding, but the buoy was floating a couple of metres under the water and a potential hazard to other yachts, so I got my cozzie and goggles on and, after getting my breath back once the shock of the cold water passed, I dived down to tie a length of line around the buoy with a small fender attached to it.

With help and guidance from Marcus, warm and dry in the dinghy!, the new anchor buoy was in place and I was safely back aboard!

Knowing that we were likely to get gusts of up to force 9, we decided to drop our second anchor, on warp, to hang just under the bow and stop us shearing away as much. Great idea in theory, but not something we will not do again in a hurry………
In the morning, we decided to set off early and head for Sant Xuxia to meet up with Loic and Marie, who had leap frogged ahead of us and were going to wait for us. When we came to lift the CQR that we had dropped on a short line, we found out the main anchor chain had wrapped itself around the anchor and was stuck fast.
After a lot of hauling on warp and attachment of ropes to take the strain and straining on the ropes we’d attached,….. we managed to extricate the CQR and safely stow it.
When it came to winding in the 50m of anchor chain, we found it had fouled on about 10 meters of heavy ground tackle……. So two hours later than planned, we set off to meet ‘Maloiva’.

We had a great sail to Ria Arousa (no comment needed!)sailing at 7knts with half the main out and the stay sail. We saw loads of dolphins. They seem to like our additional speed and clean bottom.

Dangling my toes to try and entice a dolphin to come closer!!

Dangling my toes to try and entice a dolphin to come closer!!

At about 1600 we rounded the headland and saw a single yacht waiting for us.

'Maloiva' waiting for us

‘Maloiva’ waiting for us

As soon as we had anchored Loïc and Marie came across for a glass of wine and to invite us over for dinner…..what a great welcome. We spent a lovely evening with them and will no doubt see them further down south in Portugal.


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