I don’t have strong enough wifi to upload photos at the moment, so will come back to these next couple of posts later to update.

I made my first loaf of bread in an improvised stove top oven made out of two heat spreaders, a saveran mould and a tin foil lid! It worked a treat. Sara gave me instructions that she uses in her proper Omnia oven. I’ve been scouring the Internet for one I can buy online, but will make do with my ‘Heath Robinson’ version for the time being.
After spending ten days here we eventually got the water maker maker mended! The old electric motor was running very hot, even with its new parts, so Sergio insisted on the company he’d taken it to giving us a new motor at a reduced price. In the end we spent €40 more than the price of refurbishing the old one. We think it’s a good deal, but only time will tell.

On Thursday we went shopping, ready for crossing to the Canaries. We split forces and Marcus went off on a hike to try to get a new cable for the SSB radio antenna, whilst I trawled the local Lidls for provisions. By the time I had packed my big rucksack, my day rucksack and loaded the trolley with wine and beer, I looked like an overloaded little grey donkey pulling a cart.
Marie and Loic were at the boatyard and helped me load the dinghy, before setting off back to meet Marcus. His trek proved to be a wild goose chase of at least 3 miles …… people forget how far things are when you don’t have a car!
When we got back to the boat it was time to say goodbye to Magnus and Sara who have been our neighbours for the past week. We are looking forward to meeting up with them again in the Canaries before too long.

We decided to stay another night at the quay and try to get the water maker back together and working. The harbour master, Fernando Gomez, has been really friendly and happy to help us. When he heard that Marcus had returned empty handed from his antenna hunt, he offered to drive him to the electronic store that was ‘bound to have it’…..so at 9.00 on Friday, he took Marcus in his car to get the cable. Definitely above and beyond the call do duty! Later he helped me winch Marcus up the back stays to refit the aerial cable. We gave him a quick tour of the boat.  Every job entails turning the boat upside down …… this time it was the water maker’s turn, so he didn’t see her in the best light, but he was delighted to have been invited and got some photos of himself aboard.

After rejoining the water maker motor to the hydraulic water pump, we had a nervous few minutes when the water wouldn’t come up to pressure and we thought we’d have to call the experts in the morning, the air in the system cleared through and we were making water again…..Hurrah!!

Up early Saturday and over to Belem marina to refuel. On the way across the estuary we spotted Loïc and Marie at anchor and went over to say goodbye to them……maybe a little early for being roused by a foghorn, but they threw some clothes on and we said our farewells. They have been great company and we will miss them.

Fuelled up and Hydrovane rudder fitted, we set off just after mid day for our longest passage to date.
Canaries here we come!!

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