It was sad to say goodbye to the family. we had a great week with them and enjoyed being grandparents.

Grandpa being beaten at Connect 4!

Grandpa being beaten at Connect 4!

A great week!

A great week!

Having waved them off we returned to a somewhat empty boat, only to be invited aboard Patrick and Patricia’s boat for drinks with friends of theirs from Wolverhampton……never a dull moment.

On Tuesday, after a ‘full english’ in the very ‘brits abroad’ village (we didn’t take up the offer of a pint of beer for E1!) we made our way back up to Santa Cruz as Marcus didn’t fancy staying in San Miguel for the week while I went back to England. We still have jobs to be done on the boat and there are more facilities in Santa Cruz.

On Wednesday I set off for the airport, which is back down in the south of the island, and headed for Gatwick. it is a strange feeling to fly for 4 hours and cover the same distance it has taken us 4 months to achieve by boat!! Having been picked up by 3 young men at the train terminal in Gatwick………they needed a 4th passenger to make up the numbers for a half price group ticket to Victoria…..I arrived at Victoria where Jenni met me with the car and drove me to her house for the night. It was lovely to see her so happy and confidently negotiating London.

The next day I drove to Dunmow to see Mummy and, being such a sunny day, we set off for lunch at Hatfield Forest ….. always a delight .Mummy’s energy and enthusiasm for life is inspirational. I only hope I have enough of her genes to be half as with it when I get to 94! On Friday we spent 6 hours around the shops in Chelmsford…….another feat of stamina! Saturday we took it easy, but with Liney and Libby arriving from Ireland, there was no bed until all her chicks were safely home!

It was wonderful to all be together on Sunday and share Sunday Lunch. We are so lucky to all get on so well and share in each others lives, albeit from a distance. It was sad to think that it may be the last time we are all together for some time, but the internet is a wonderful thing and as I left, we agreed to Skype on Tuesday when I got back to the boat, so that Mummy could see where we are. If she were 10 years younger, maybe the internet and computers would not have been so alien to her and she would have been able to cope with the technology herself……as it is she walks down to the library every week to get the blog printed out and then files the copies. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

Having left Dunmow with all the stuff we’d ordered on the internet packed in a case for the flight home, I set off for Southampton to visit John, Russell and Vicky. I arrived to a second Sunday lunch, which I managed with no problem! It was good to see them all and I was able to go with John to Moira’s grave and take a picture of the head stone for Marcus to see. She would have been so interested in our exploits and would have been Skyping us regularly I know!

On Sunday night, the big blow that had been forecast, blew through and just like 1987, I managed to sleep through it all!

I made my way back up to Jenni’s, ready for a 5 o’clock start on Tuesday. It was lovely to see everyone and top up the ‘family love’ banks, but coming back to the boat made me realise it really is home …….. the sunshine and temperatures in the high 70s does help!!


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