Another week of waiting for the winds to change and getting those last minute jobs done on the boat. With high spring tides and waves being pushed into the harbour, we have been surging and straining on our mooring. This morning, when we finally got to the point of preparing to leave, we discovered that our passerelle (gang plank) had taken more severe punishment than we realised and it has managed to rip a deck fitting out of the bathing platform……..a glass fibre job for further south! A minor inconvenience compared to one boat that was trying to move to  a more sheltered place in the anchorage and fell foul of the wind and waves on the beach next to the marina.

Just a little too close to the beach for comfort!

Just a little too close to the beach for comfort!

Activities this week included a visit to the market with the bikes…….we have now got most of the fresh fruit and veg bought and stowed in the hammocks above the lower saloon, under the table and strung from the mast. Everything has to be washed in chlorinated water, left to sun dry on the pontoon and then wrapped in aluminium foil and stowed.

The last of the fresh stores washed and drying on the pontoon.

The last of the fresh stores washed and drying on the pontoon.

As far as we can gather, the bleach helps to kill any bugs or eggs on the food and also kills any bacteria that’s already starting to work on outside. Apparently we should still be eating food stored like this for at least a month! and hopefully have no spiders or bugs onboard.

We hired a car for a day out…….



……….visiting a rum distillery on the way to the painted caves of Galmar in the north of the island. The rum distillery was a bottling plant with a room of casks which had been decorated and signed by various celebs and dignitaries….. the only one I’d heard of was Julio Inglasis ……

The rum barrels decorated by the rich and famous. They didn't ask us. Don't they know who we are?!

The rum barrels decorated by the rich and famous. They didn’t ask us. Don’t they know who we are?!

There was a very generous rum allowance at the end of tour and needless to say we are now a couple of bottles heavier.

We sometimes worry about our boat being such a small bit of plastic and metal, bobbing about in a vast ocean, but seeing the three french men leaving for the Cape Verdes on Sunday in their 25ft racing boat, made us feel a whole lot more secure.

Three men in a very small boat.

Three men in a very small boat.

On Saturday night there was some music at the local Sailors Bar. The guys playing are in a band that has made it’s way this far by hitch hiking and the occasional plane. They are planning to get a boat to take them to Brazil. They were brilliant. The line up was a banjo, a skiffle type bass with a broom stick on a plastic water container and the drummer played on the water container with chop sticks.

The Bucket Boys in action.

The Bucket Boys in action.

Sunday was Marcus’ 60th and after a croissant breakfast, supplied and prepared by Jenni, presents were opened and played with

The Old Man opening his pressie.....The Old Man of the Sea.

The Old Man opening his pressie…..The Old Man of the Sea.

until it was time to set off in the dinghy for a leisurely birthday lunch in the marina.

Birthday lunch in the Marina

Birthday lunch in the Marina

Our plans to leave for La Gomera have been slightly adjusted and we decided to head for Santa Cruz, in order to break the journey for the crew. After a very choppy half hour or so, getting out of the harbour, the Crew were both feeling the effects and took themselves off for a lie down. About an hour later we were joined by a large pod of dolphins which stayed with us and showed off and posed for the cameras for about an hour…… a record! Who knew that the best cure for sea sickness was dolphins!!

Dolphins playing off the bow. Dan trying to touch one.

Dolphins playing off the bow’s the best sea sickness cure. Dan is trying to touch one…..not throwing up!

It is now Tuesday and we are now going to set off on an overnight voyage down to La Gomera, to arrive at San Sebastian in daylight. It feels really good to be on our way at last.


  1. Hi Hayward’s,

    Thought we’d catch up with your blog. Happy belated 60th birthday Marcus!!
    Not sure if you have set off for Cape Verde already. Hope all’s
    going well for you. Keep in touch.

    Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

    Lots of love

  2. HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Stay safe out there and take care. Love to all. xx Kay & Rich

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to the new 60 year old !

    Happy Xmas and a very Happy New Year. Your stories so far are fantastic. If you happen to be close maybe we could meet for a beer in Chile in November next year…Brazil is just round the corner I think but just check your TomTom.
    Love to to all Christopher

  5. Hi Haywards,
    Tried to post a message on your blog the other day but I don’t think it worked. Let’s try again!
    No posts from you since Dec 17th but it looks like you made it to Cape Verde ( if Marine shipping website is to be trusted). Well done you!!
    Do email us as and when you can and tell us how crossing went.

    Happy new year to you all,

    lots of love from the Persivas!

    • Admin Via Email

      Hi Carlos. Just to let you know that we got your message! Sometimes I miss friends’ comments as they are buried in a load of spam and junk that always arrive in my comments box. I must find a way of filtering…….maybe while I have D&J at hand to advise!
      Been looking at the weather and it looks like we’ve got gusts of 45 kmph tomorrow while Southampton’s getting 80 kmph gusts. Weird weather. Take care. xx

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